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Port-Flex Water Solutions, a business vertical of Excellence Engineering Pvt. Ltd., is a Turnkey Supplier of innovative and flexible Water Supply systems which can be extensively used for providing Potable & Drinking Water to inaccessible & accessible small communities/ settlements, Villages, Mountain areas, Blocks, Panchayats, Small towns, Less privileged human settlements etc. as well as for natural calamities like Earthquake, Flood, Sudden refugee influx etc. Armed Forces and moving population can use our Portable systems specially designed for them.

The system proposed uses main parts & components from European countries, mainly from The Netherlands ,who are pioneers for their innovative water solutions across globe. Yet the price of produced water is less than 9 paise per liter over life cycle of 20 years.

Drinking Water SOLUTION (Concept)

Port-Flex Drinking Water Solutions

We provide customized and safe Water Supply Solution consisting of Water Intake System, Treatment System, and Water Storage System for all types of applications - from domestic to industrial plants, international missions & events. We offer permanent, temporary or portable solutions of the highest quality with low maintenance costs.

The systems can be installed in a very short period and can be re-located as well. This kind of flexibility offers unique opportunity for State Authorities to tackle disaster situations like Earthquake, Flood, Refugee influx etc. on an emergency basis.

Our system also provides Pure and safe Drinking water to scattered & inaccessible human settlements without access to grid based power—mountainous regions, remote villages. The solution addresses ground/ surface water contaminated with arsenic, fluoride etc.

Our product range includes potable water systems for humans, drinking water systems for livestock, industry and process water, with real-time quality monitoring systems and wastewater treatment systems.

Key Features of Port-Flex Water Solutions

  1. One-stop, Stand-alone Solution for Supply of Drinking Water in Scattered & Inaccessible human settlements.
  2. Customized to suit
    • Location (mountainous regions, remote villages, small towns)
    • Environment (contaminated ground water having arsenic, fluoride etc.)
    • Disaster Situations (floods, earthquake, refugee influx)
    • Processing rate of 500 to 139,000 lit per hr. (can be increased).
  3. Can be installed in a short time (7-10 days), excluding supply time of 3 to 4 months only.
  4. Totally Portable & Reusable and can be re-located in a short time. System has a technical life of 20 years.
  5. Wide range of Storage Capacities—10K to 20000 K litres.
  6. Large range of Products and Techniques ensure availability of High Quality Potable Water (WHO standards) from any water source: well, surface, brackish, fresh, processed or waste.
  7. Usage of combination of Solar Power with Grid / DG through PLC ensures 24x7 water supply
  8. Low cost at Rs. 0.09 per litre or less, on life cycle basis, compared to conventional methods.
  9. Use of combination of UV Sterilization, Ionization, De- & Re-mineralization, Thrombosis, Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR), Reverse Osmosis (RO), Micro Filtration, Softening and many more.
  10. Water Wastage below 10% (against 70-80% for RO water).
  11. Storage & Pipe systems totally corrosion free, with >20 years life.
  12. World Reputed, with >2300 reputed international clients including international events like Olympics, World Cup Soccer etc.
  13. Constant monitoring of Drinking Water Quality.
  14. Fully automatic, power efficient and uses no chemicals for dosing
  15. All components used are of certified European quality and system are delivered after Third Part inspection by world renowned agency like Lloyds Register.


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