Excellence Engineering Pvt Ltd.

Port-Flex is a Turnkey Supplier of Water Treatment cum automatic/ semi-automatic Water Bottling Plants of any capacity. The quality of water being produced is healthy & tasty similar to natural mineral water.

We offer Zero-Discharge Plants, together with Rain water harvesting for making positive water balancing and environmentally friendly. Typically such plants are delivered to esteemed clients within about 6 months, including, such as

  1. Bore well
  2. Raw Water and return water storage Tank,
  3. Water Processing Unit
  4. water quality monitoring system
  5. Treated Water storage tank
  6. Automatic water filling Plant wit blowing, filling with utilities
  7. Office and laboratory
  8. Filled water jars storage
  9. Infra-Structure like security cabin, toilet blocks, piping, cables etc.& all CIVIL works
  10. Power island consisting of Grid transformer, DG & Roof top solar for WPU, PLC etc.
  11. Factory shed with rain water harvesting and tree plantation
  12. Storm water drainage and yard paving etc.


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